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What Is Special Products Can Be Use For Tissue Paper In Addition To Regular Use ?

Release time:2019-07-27   Clicks: 872

Tissue paper also called snow pear paper, because often used to package snow pear paper is named, is a thin sheet of paper.Paper copy is a strong, whiteness requirements of the paper.tissue paper because of its good evenness and transparency, and good surface properties, fine sand, level off, smooth, no bubbles, good comfortable sex, mainly is suitable for the clothing factory, toy factory, shoe factory, handicraft factory, cosmetics, gift box lined with paper, fruit and vegetable packaging, health etc. Various kinds of packaging, it has the effect of moisture permeability, in addition to used for the purpose of common on the market, tissue paper is also commonly used in fireworks products, funeral supplies, hurrying suspension products, such as tissue paper for fireworks products, mainly with package tissue paper and then sliced into small wide, as shown in figure: mainly in red, green, white, etc

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