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Excpet Grey Paper Board , What is the Paper Material to Make the Packaging Box ?

Release time:2019-06-15   Clicks: 536

Packaging box manufacturers are accustomed to using environmentally friendly paper when making packaging boxes. The paper used for packaging boxes can be divided into three categories:
1.Art paper: including C2S art paper,C1S art paper etc.The common characteristic of both of them is that both sides are white.The difference between single copper and double copper is that "single copper" is smooth on one side and not smooth on the other.That means heads can be printed, tails can't be printed.Both sides of double copper coated surface, both sides can be printed.

2, Grey board paper: gray board paper is divided into two kinds, gray board: do not use in the packaging box printing;Gray bottom white board: it is so-called "gray board paper" namely the front is white, can print, the opposite side cannot be printed for gray, general white card namely "white bottom white board" paper, only the abbreviation when general quotation (except special white card, for example: white gold card, white silver card) etc.White card paper is better, the price is a little more expensive, but the quality of the material with enough hardness, again point is the white board paper with gray bottom.

3.Specialty paper: filling vellum series, velvet series, gift package series, two-color pearlescent series, pearlescent paper series, two-color bright surface series, bright surface series, wrapping paper series, dumb wood black card series, original color card series, li is sealing paper series.

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