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What Is The Range Of Size And Weight For Grey Board ?

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The range of grammage is 250-2400gsm for grey board . We can do Liminated for the higher grammage . And 250-650gsm can be roller . 

The above 650gsm is the once format in sheet .The weight is the mutipule of 50. For example 250gsm/300gsm/350gsm and so on . 
The range of size : 1# and 2# mill  /300-650GSM /the maximum size is 1.4* 1.4m .The maximum width of the reel can be made to 1800MM.
The maximum size of 3# mill is 2*1M (usually used for floor protection paper)

The maximum size for once format 700-1550g is 2.4* 1.2m, the minimum size is 50*60CM, and the above 1600gsm is laminated , the maximum size is 1.29*2M, and the minimum size is 60*60CM.

If you want to know more about grey paper, please contact us at any time!

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