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The Different Between Black Card Paper With Virgin Pulp and Recycle Pulp

Release time:2019-07-06   Clicks: 947

On the market, there are twe type of the black card paper ,one is black card paper with virgin pulp and black card paper with recycle pulp, What is the different between black card paper with virgin pulp and recycle pulp ?

1. Different raw materials are used. As the raw material is full wood pulp, the paper fiber is very long and the physical indexes are excellent.
2, the whole wood paddle black card paper stiffness is very high, folding and breaking resistance, the surface color is very pure, no noise, stable quality;
3, the whole wood paddle black card paper USES environmental protection dye, no pollution, 100% recyclable recycling, at the same time does not fade.
All wood pulp black card has the following advantages:
1. Good stiffness:
All-wood black board is made of pure wood pulp with long pulp fibers.
Paper has a high hardness.
Resistant to bending and stretching, better finished product effect.
2. Safety:
The raw material of all-wood pulp black card paper is pure wood pulp, which is dyed and reproduced with stable color. In the production process, there is no pollution, which meets the environmental protection requirements of ROHS, SGS and so on.
3. Good feel
All wood black card paper surface smooth and delicate;
4, color,
Stable color, no fading, double-sided color consistent;
If your product grade is high, it is suggested to choose all wood paddle black card paper to make products, but it is ok to use ordinary environmental protection black card paper, according to their own products

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