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How Much Per Ton of Grey board ? Concerned About Dongguan MT.HEAVEN Paper Co.,Ltd. To Get The Newest Price .

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Grey board, as a kind of waste paper and cardboard, from 100% because of its price is the cheapest in the cardboard, so application is very wide, can be seen everywhere in life, because of its hardness, has the certain so commonly used in the folder, cosmetics boxes, jewelry box, storage box, advertising support, a variety of lining cover, leather goods, bags, wallets, etc.
Because the grey board is made of 100% waste paper, so the price of the grey board is closely related to the waste paper, the rise and fall of waste paper will cause the grey board price fluctuations, of course, the performance of price fluctuations is not only the impact of waste paper, but also about environmental protection, labor, tax and other external factors.
Grey board in general is on the decline, this year the price of the current based on smoothly, because exports have fallen sharply, leading to grey board from last year's high prices to fall, the general reason or the relationship of demand and supply, when supply is greater than demand, grey board will cut price, and when the demand greater than supply, grey board price will rise and other external factors overall impact on the grey board is not so obvious.
Many customers inquiry, very simple, grey board how much a ton?

Due to different gram grey board, the number of requirements, specifications, are there will be a difference in price between different grade quality and so on, so you need to put the gram weight you need, for grey board needed for the quality, quantity, specifications, this factory will give you an accurate price, if you want to continue to know the price of grey board, you can add our customer service, consulting latest quotation ~ grey board

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